mercoledì 30 novembre 2011


I was reading my just arrived copy of Elle December , when i saw an article called "Audacious", a collaboration between Elle and Diesel. A strong and young woman, edgy and studded, angry and vicious. well, I loved it. 
What's cooler than being so selfconfident and able to face everything happens? Cause that's exactly what it meant for me. well and that's also my new task ! 

martedì 29 novembre 2011

If I lived in the light

You know...sometimes i prefer not to have big and extremly impossible dreams, so i could be able to image something more real, easier to get, something where i can use my imagination and apply my creativity at the same time. And now, im talking about my Home, or better, my ideal home. What's better than having a big bright comfortable and open-spaced home? I think that everyone reflects himself in his house, or in his bedroom, as I do... (yes, i still live with my family, and my bedroom is a kind of super-coloured, extremly small and coverdbyeverysinglepieceofpaperilike hole). sooo of course i wish i could have something more (to cover as well in every single piece of wall).

enjoy !

lunedì 28 novembre 2011

Only a Break.

Hey there, good evening ! I've been studying until a few seconds ago, and i'm going to start again after this post. But now, while I'm listening to a band I've just found out , called Beirut (believe me...they worth it), and the moon in shining soooo bright out of my window, is the perfect moment to say : Fuck school. As you can guess , my soul wanna get freeeeeee ! 

Enjoy these photos. Young, wild and free. 

venerdì 25 novembre 2011

Wild and Jewelry

Hi everyone ! ...everyone who's reading (I Do hope that THERE actually IS someone reading). well. I'll keep on posting just for pleasure. but I'll also keep on hoping that someone may read it. fiiine. 
So, here you are some superduper cool pics about Jewelry. 
Wild and lived-in Jewels. Just wear it.

plus Another Gift. Young Buffalo - Capitalah