lunedì 5 dicembre 2011

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I know that it's Winter now, the cold season, and you're all waiting for the snow and Christmas Day. i am, too. but my mind is deeply weird, so during winter, i think about summer. but can you blame me? 

... i do really and deeply love winter . im addicted to snowboarding, and everything concerned to the snow. but ... summer ... just the name reminds me of something special. and what do i prefer most? colours, of course. well .. im not gonna talk about all my fav colours, my fav prints, what every colour reminds me, every single colour i love to wear .. cause it's winter now! i cannot do that! it would be definitely weird. stop me! i only wanted to share some pics. thatsitthatsall. so enjoy it. 

always waiting for the summer.  cant you feel its smell? 

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