martedì 6 dicembre 2011

#3 The Shearling Coat

what's better than feeling warm and confortable in your coat during the snowyseason? big , heavy , hot , large , fluffy , woollen  .. but i wanna get more focused on the one i love :  the shearling coat . isnt it super cool? all the models that walk out of the shows wear it, and also a lot of fashion bloggers, editors, it girls.. you can find the shearling leather parka, or the whool coat or the suede one, with different colours, from black or gray to green and blue ( my favourite one is the military one ) . 

but what does it make it such an everyday article of clothing? i think that it is a totally not demanding coat: you can wear it everyday. it fits every dress, even if you definitely should dress it up during the day and not with an evening dress (i mean: its up to you, i only suggest you got to think about it a lot, cause if you wanna wear a evening dress, it must be perfectly suitable).

i cannot actually describe how it looks to me. i just love it. that would be the coat i would wear everyday.

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