sabato 17 dicembre 2011


Here i am people! i havent been posting for a long time cause i had to study hardly... bad stuff. and now i just wanna share with you all some pics, as i'm soo tired and i'll go to bed in a few seconds. but i wanna post about this anyway..
studs. studs are my passion. my deep, main, massive, crazy passion. i die when i see something studded. they give you a grounge and edgy style that worth everything. i love them in such a mental way ! i would wear it on everysingle dress, tshirt, purse, shoe, sock and hat. i would tattoo them on my body, i would eat them and i would stick them on my hair. is it enough? 
here you are just a few photos. cause i have hundred and thousand of them in my computer. believe me, its true.
i do really go mental for studs. 

and last but not least,my own personal studded all stars, made by myself. the best shoes ever. love them , they re everlasting.

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